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Subhadeep Saha

Subhadeep Saha

Lab: D-108

Polymers and Adveanced Materials Laboratory

National Chemical Laboratory

Dr. Homi Bhabha Road

Pune 411008, India

Phone 91-020-2590-3205/6 



Ph.D. Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), CSIR-NCL  (2015)                           

Research Interest:

  Low-molecular Weight Amino acid Based Supramolecular Metallo-Gels for Photo and Electrochemical Applications


1. Selective CO2 and HAdsorption in a Chiral Magnesium based Metal Organic Framework (Mg-MOF) with Open Metal Sites.

Arijit Mallick, Subhadeep Saha, Pradip Pachfule, Sudip Roy and Rahul Banerjee.

JMater. Chem,  2010, 20, 9073-9080.[Link]

2. Structure and Gas Sorption Behavior of a New Three Dimensional Porous Magnesium Formate.

Arijit Mallick, Subhadeep Saha, Pradip Pachfule, Sudip Roy and Rahul Banerjee.

Inorg. Chem., 2011,  50, 1392-1401. [Link]

[Among Top 20 most downloaded Inorganic Chemistry Article for January 2011]

3. Competition between gelation and crystallisation of a peculiar multicomponent liquid system based on ammonium salts.

Iti Kapoor, Eva-Maria Schön, Jürgen Bachl, Dennis Kühbeck, Carlos Cativiela, Subhadeep Saha, Rahul Banerjee, Stefano Roelens, José Juan Marrero-Tellado and David Díaz Díaz.

Soft Matter, 20128, 3446−3456.[Link]

4. Carbon dioxide capture by metal organic frameworks.

Subhadeep Saha, Suman Chandra, Bikash Garai and Rahul Banerjee

Indian Journal of Chemistry, 2012, 51, 1223-1230. [Link]

[Published as part of a Special Issue on Carbon Dioxide Capture, Sequestration & Utilization ]

5. Proton-Conducting Supramolecular Metallogels from Lowest Molecular Weight Assembler Ligand: A Quote for Simplicity.

Subhadeep Saha, Eva-Maria Schön,  Carlos Cativiela, David Díaz Díaz and Rahul Banerjee.

Chem. Eur. J., 2013,19, 9562 – 9568 [Link]

6. Salt Metathesis in Three Dimensional Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) with Unprecedented Hydrolytic Regenerability.

Tanay Kundu, Subash C. Sahoo, Subhadeep Saha and Rahul Banerjee

Chem. Commun., 2013, 49, 5262−5264.[Link]

7. Amino Acid-based Multiresponsive Low-Molecular-Weight Metallo hydrogels with Load-bearing and Rapid Self-healing Ability.

Subhadeep Saha, Jürgen Bachl, Tanay Kundu, David Díaz Díaz  and Rahul Banerjee

Chem Commun.2014, 50, 3004-3006 . [Link]

[Recommended as one of the 'hot articles' of March 2014 by the editor]

8. Dissolvable Metallohydrogels for Controlled Release: Evidence of a Kinetic Supramolecular Gel Phase Intermediate.

Subhadeep Saha, Jürgen Bachl, Tanay Kundu, David Díaz Díaz  and Rahul Banerjee

Chem Commun.2014,  50 (53), 7032 - 7035. [Link]

9. A Distinctive PdCl2 Mediated Transformation of Fe-based Metallogels into Metal Organic Frameworks.

Harshitha Barike Aiyappa, Subhadeep SahaBikash Garai, Jayashri ThoteSreekumar Kurungot, Rahul Banerjee

Cryst. Growth Des., 2014, 14, 3434-3437 [Link]

[Published as part of the Crystal Growth & Design virtual special issue IYCr 2014 - Celebrating the International Year of Crystallography]

10. Photocatalytic Metal-Organic Framework from CdS Quantum Dot Incubated Luminescent Metallohydrogel

Subhadeep Saha, Gobinda Das, Jayshri Thote and Rahul Banerjee

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2014136 [Link]

11. Fe (III) Phytate Metallogel as a Prototype Anhydrous, Intermediate Temperature Proton Conductor

Harshitha Barike Aiyappa, Subhadeep Saha, Pritish Wadge, Rahul Banerjee and Sreekumar Kurungot

Chem. Sci.2015,6, 603-607[Link]

12. Supramolecular metallogel that impart Self-Healing Properties to Other Gel Networks

Tobias Feldner, Marleen Häring, Subhadeep Saha, Jordi Esquena, Rahul Banerjee, and David Diaz Diaz

Chem Mater, 2016, Accepted Article. [Link]