Porous Materials Laboratory (PMATLAB)


In  our  group,  we  focus on  the  use  of  various  functionalized  organic  links  including  fluorinated,  non-fluorinated   and  chiral 
carboxylic  acids with a wide range of metal ions including d-, f-block and main group metal ions for designing MOFs for improved 
gas uptake property. To achieve Synthetic control over the creation of functional nanostructures, nanoscale morphology  with their 
physical  properties,  we  focus on  synthesizing   various  nano  MOFs,  thin  films  of  nano  MOFs,  metal  oxide  nano  particles  via 
different  synthetic  modes  for  various  separation,  catalysis and  proton  conductivity applications. We  are  also  deeply  involved  
in exploration of  metallogels and their  catalytic, and  materials  based  applications. We are synthesizing various types POM based 
hybrid materials for catalysis and gas storage applications.